Strategic Management & Diversity Consulting

  • Strength and Inclusiveness

    Your competitive edge.

    Becoming Heroes

    Recently, COVID-19 has stretched all industries to their limits, testing each industry's capacity and integrity- especially its human resources. Medical staff around the world took the spotlight, unhesitatingly... and they became heroes.


    At the same time, in this period of social distancing, the idea of the 'other' became more pronounced than ever. Those agile businesses who were willing and able to adapt, survived. They did so by developing, and adopting new modus operandi for a work environment that would be changed forever.

    Embracing Strengths

    Healthiero began its journey focused on assisting healthcare facilities to improve the work environment for both healthcare worker and for the clients they serve. Recognizing and embracing strengths and unique characteristics of individual workers, allowed us to work with organizations interested in innovative techniques in Strategic Management, Health & Safety, and Diversity Consulting.


    Most importantly, during the difficult and tragic period of COVID-19, we at Healthiero have expanded to serve businesses from all industries who faced both challenges, as well as existential crises.

    Realization and Implementation

    Working together to create a culture which is inclusive, safe, efficiently managed, and comfortable for both employee and employer alike, Healthiero offers training and consultancy for processes which define methods for improvement, while chaperoning the implementation of changes- changes not only in procedures, but also in perception, and attitude.

  • With you, every step of the way.

    In Healthiero, every client organization has a 'Chaperone'- someone who not only accompanies you, but who is responsible for helping you 'step back' to see your organization from the outside, understanding what changes can be made, and defining short and long term goals to implement. Our Chaperones are responsible for coordinating the management and staff sessions, and will be with you before, during, and afterwards, to answer all questions.


    Alternatively, we can offer research or consulting for any one specific stage in your self-managed improvement process. This can be realized, for example, with limited specialist sessions, or written presentations with information customized to your needs.


    Healthiero would be happy to assist in deciding what is most relevant for your needs. Just send us a note, below!

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    We're a small business, with a big heart.

    Healthiero's staff are hand-picked

    for their unique abilities,

    altruistic demeanor,

    and their ability to work hand-in-hand with our clients

    to overcome challenges,

    and to envision the routes needed

    for you to reach your full potential